Neal Audenaert, Ph.D.

I’m a veteran of the software development industry with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and a history of helping customers find practical, human-centered solutions. My experience blends a passion for designing products that are driven by deep understanding of users’ goals with hands-on experience leading software development teams.

Professional Experience

Texas Center for Applied Technology

Assistant Research Engineer May 2012-Present

Spearhead software engineering for technological research center, work with customers to create intuitive, innovative solutions to real-life problems worldwide.

  • Co-authored $2.5M grant, directed engineering team, coordinated outsourced visual design and collaborated with multi-disciplinary, international team
  • Led design and development of laboratory information management system, deployed to 8 provincial-level veterinary diagnostic laboratories in Pakistan
  • Designed information triage interface to train emergency response personnel
  • Developed mobile application to monitor and control zoonotic diseases in Kenya

Institute for Digital Christian Heritage

Founder May 2009-Present

Founded 501(c)3 to support digital humanities research at underserved colleges

  • Worked with board members to develop strategic plan to support underserved technological communities
  • Reached out to educational institutions to facilitate digital humanities research that may have been infeasible otherwise

Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station

Research Assistant, Center for the Study of Digital Libraries July 2003-August 2011

Conducted original research focused on how people find, explore, organize and internalize information and on how to design interactive systems to support their needs

  • Collaborated on 4 major research projects
  • Published 14 peer-reviewed papers
  • Developed advanced course for high-achieving middle school students through Duke TIP


Ph.D., Computer Science · Texas A&M University Dissertation: CritSpace, an interactive, web-based program designed for critical engagement with cultural heritage materials

M.S., Computer Science · Texas A&M University

B.S., Computer Science; Linguistics Minor · Texas A&M University


Refereed Journal Publications

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Book Chapters and Other Papers

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